Paul Enker, MD, Long Island Arthritis & Joint Replacement, PC

“He was very compassionate, patient with my many questions and generous with his time. Having surgery is the difference between night and day. I feel amazing. Don’t wait! Your life will be so much better with the anterior approach” – Denise Bieniek

Teacher and librarian Denise Bieniek could barely make it through recess. Read more

“He’s my superhero. Nobody else could have done my surgery”– Doreen Bates

Doreen Bates of Medford had gained forty pounds and could barely walk from her car to the office elevator without needing a break. She was suffering from severe hip pain caused by congenital condition called hip dysplasia. Read more


“After the surgery, I felt alert and ready to recuperate.  I was only in the hospital three days, and my pain was much less compared to the surgery I had a few years ago” – Hepsie Bywater

Hepsie Bywater, an active grandmother and former airlines manager, suffered from severe hip arthritis. Simple every day activities like shopping, driving and walking were incredibly painful. Read more


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